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Volume Shipping Infographic 1

Partial Truckload
(aka Load to Ride)

When should you consider SLC’s Partial Truckload Services?

If you ship 3,000 lbs or more using a LTL common carrier

If your freight is light or takes up a lot of space

If you find it cheaper to send a full truckload than to send 5,000 pounds

If you ship 10 or more pallets as a full truckload

Advantages to Partial vs LTL

What makes SLC’s Partial Truckload a better option than LTL for smaller shipments

Partial Truckload (or Load to Ride) ships your loaded freight directly as soon as it is

Lower risk of damage with less handling

Lower prices than LTL or Truckload

Transit times are generally fast

Volume Shipping Infographic 2